Calculate your Body Mass Index


The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated with the formula weight in kilogramm divided by height to square. To make it easy for visitor of your web page to calculate the BMI, use the BMI Widget/BMI-Club . Additional information: Basal Metabolic Rate.
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Paul Broca has invented a easy formular to calculate normal weight. Subtract 100 from your body size in cm to get the value. Reduce it again for 10% to get ideal weight.


Body size = 175 cm
Normal weight = 175-100 = 75 kg
Ideal weight = 75 - 10% = 67.5 kg


Waist-Hip-Ratio (WHR)

To get your Waist-Hip-Ratio you have to measure the circumference of your waist and of your hip. Then divide the waist measurement throught the hip measurement.


Waist circumference divided through hip circumference
The result should be 1.0 or lower for men and 0.85 or lower for women. Higheer values mean a higher risk for coming down to a consequence for over weight.

How to measure:
For waist circumference measure at the high of your belly button. For hip circumference measure at the thickest point of your bottom.

Taille und Hüfte bei Frauen mit unterschiedlichem Körperbau.
Waist and hip at women with different body shape. red=waist, green=hip.

Taille und Hüfte bei Männern mit unterschiedlichem Körperbau.