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Medifit is an online weight loss plan with a personalised diet and exercise plan. You get scientific & practical food combinations with exercise & simple yoga techniques, to boost metabolism & fat burning. Almost all the members- 98% of active members, lose weight and get fit. Experts and our clients says -It is simple program to lose weight & keep it off.

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Success Stories

"1 year ago I was fat, out of shape, and had no self-esteem. I joined into Medifit and my life completely turned around. With "Doctors, dieticians and the staffs' path breaking package, nutritional guidance and total motivation I finally did it! I've lost 20 Kgs ( 60 lbs.) and have kept it off! I look and feel great thanks to Medifit. I have found the answers to a happy and healthy life." God bless you Medifit"

This client has lost over 25 Kg in 4 months. Client: "I was depressed because of my weight problem but at Medifit, i have found my happiness"

Hello, My Name is Prema.I was suffering from severe joint pains (Osteoarthritis), hypertension and obesity problem. I had tried everything under the sun, tried all big names in treatment of obesity but nothing worked with my case. My husband heard about this program and we consulted doctors over there. To my surprise, I started loosing weight at the rate of 3-4 Kg per month. Overall, I lost around 50 Kg !


Regular Weight Loss Program for 1 Month

A startup program for Medifit Online Weight Loss System. Rs 1200 Rs per month. It includes regular diet plan, exercise system etc through email and whatsapp. Whatsapp or Call now at 9999013449 to enrol for this program. email id:

Premium Weight Loss Program for 1 Month

An expert dietician, health coach and fitness expert work with you to make you achieve your goal. It cost Rs 4000 Rs per month. It includes full support of expert dietician, a regular consultation of obesity expert (doctor), daily diet plan, exercise system, classes at wellness centers. Call now at 9999013449 to understand this program.

Weight Loss Program for special conditions such as diabetes, PCOD, hypothyroidism etc.

Effective System to Loose Weight in special conditions under doctors supervision. Pay 1800.

Weight Loss Program for 2 Months

Effective System to Loose Weight. Pay 2200. Save 200 Rs

Weight Loss Program 3 Months

Tangible Results in 3 months. Pay 3000 Rs. Save 600 Rs

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Why not invest in your ability to take control of your body, loose weight and improve your life simply because you chose to get yourself the Medifit Weight Loss System & discover the secrets of building slimmer and fitter body. The system is a safe and has effective diet plans and remarkable DVDs complete with beautifully illustrated videos consisting of fully executable, safe, and effective yoga exercises that can scientifically make you loose weight in a short amount of time. It also includes ALL the information you will ever need to loose weight. Each exercise is designed to be safe, simple to understand, and requires only a few minutes to perform. All so you can get right down to business and start loosing weight the moment you receive it!

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Guest 1

I have been using this program. Very effective. You should try it once.

Guest 2

I have received tasty recipes from the food and kitchen experts.

Guest 3

I also attended classes of yoga, zumba etc at their well ness center with experts. There is also provision of gym.

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