Obesity New Normal

A new study in US and Medifit Centers finds that parents are finding obesity or overweight isssue in children. They consider them as normal. The change is attributed to “social comparison,” said leading doctors. “We just look around at people in our neighborhood and in our schools and we compare,” she said. “If a lot of the other kids are about the same size as my child, then (parents may think) ‘my child is probably just fine.’”The study compares results of two parent surveys: • In 1988-1994, 21 percent of parents with overweight boys and 39 percent of parents of overweight girls perceived their child as overweight. • In the 2005-2010 survey, the figures dropped to 16 percent for boys and 22 percent for girls. That is a 24 percent drop from the earlier survey.

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You are what you eat

Its weekend and you have already made plan for the entire day. Not to miss having delicious food all day long How about having pizza or pasta? Yummy, isn’t it? Well think again..!! Remember the saying “you are what you eat”. Diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of good health and in the prevention and treatment of disease. One slice of pizza usually has at least 300 calories, so it doesn't take long to eat most of your day's calorie needs in one sitting. Interestingly, since it is also difficult for many people to estimate portion sizes for wedge-shaped foods, overeating can be very easy.

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