Start early for height increase and reap benefits

Mostly boys are very conscious of their height and they make various efforts to grow tall and and often end up trying pills, medications and many other fake promises products.

One thing boys must keep in mind is to avoid all form of alcohol, smoking or any serious medications as well as body building. These matters tend to stop the growth hormones and therefore boys usually end up having a height problem.

There are a several healthy ways that boys can use  if they want proper growth.

First of all they should take more milk, curd and paneer. These foods have high protein and calcium that helps the growth hormones. They should take less of junk food and focus more in healthy food options such as pulses, soyabean, eggs, chicken, and vegetables  A good diet will increase your chances of growing tall considerably.

Next is to avoid late nights and sleep well in time atleast for seven to eight hours of sleep and also get a healthy sleeping position. Do not curl up and do not lie on one side all the time.

Further, one should engage in outdoor physical activities in non polluted green environments. They can play football, basket ball, cricket, swim etc. In addition they should not over do it since muscles and bones are quiet tender while in young teens it is recommended not to do heavy exercises. Hanging from vertical bars, jogging, playing sports, being active in games like basketball etc can really help boys develop their growth. Other than that, they could also try yoga which not only helps the body to relax but also gives it the necessary posture. Though yoga is more beneficial for females, boys can also have a very strong and lean posture as they grow up along with performing yoga poses.

Teenage years need to be given proper and healthy attention if any physical development is needed.



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