Are you aware that whenever you sleep your  grow by almost an inch during the course of the night!

It is difficult to believe this but it is true, Let us explain how this works:

Our spinal column is made up of a collection of 33 separate small pieces of bone which are more commonly known as vertebrae. These vertebrae are the core strength in your spinal column.

Each one of these is connected to the next using tough tissues known as ligaments, which allow the vertebrae to be connected without having to be fused together. It also allows for a certain degree of movement which is why we are able to bend, rotate and twist our backs somewhat.

Between each of these vertebrae we have a set of thin disc like pieces also known as the inter vertebral discs. These discs are made from cartilage and their main function is to act as a soft cushioning pad between each vertebrae.

The inter vertebral discs also act as a small set of shock absorbers which provide protection to the vertebrae should you take a knock or fall. This means your back is less easily damaged in your everyday life. 

As a general rule the complete set of vertebrae discs account for around about a quarter of your vertebral column, normally around 6 inches. This basically means that the thicker these inter vertebral discs are, the longer your whole spinal column will be and therefore the taller you will become.

Well the invertebral discs we just mentioned also have a function to absorb nourishment in the form of fluid. During your everyday life you are likely to be placing a good deal of weight on these for a sustained period of time.

As they become compressed you lose some of the thickness in the discs.

However when you undertake non weight bearing activities such as lying down or sleeping, the pressure is reduced and the discs are able to then soak up more nutrients, expand in size and therefore you will grow taller to around an inch more during sleep!

Unfortunately however this is not a permanent effect as the following day will lead to the cycle starting over again, the weight compression of your activities will press down on the invertebral discs and once again lead to the average human adult losing that inch of height once again.

This is how you can grow taller during sleep, but donít forget that there are ways to permanently increase your height using special system....


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