Nutrition for Height Increase

Food Less in Calcium causes Growth Deficiency


Nutrition - Calcium insufficiency

According to the experts, adults must consume 1000 mg calcium per day. This requirement increases for pregnant or post-menopausal women and growing children and they should be taking in close to 1800 mg calcium per day.  Most of doctors are in agreement that the most of the people are not consuming the adequate amount of calcium in the diet that they should.

Calcium is an essential mineral that is utilized for many complex bodily reactions in your body.  It helps in muscle contraction and used for bone growth. For children calcium is an essential nutrient for growth and growing taller. Further secondary roles have found such as fat metabolism, cell signaling and muscle strengthening.

Therefore people must take essential calcium in the form of milk, curd, cheese, paneer and pulses. If you are not sure about your food intake, you can also buy calcium supplement from nearby chemist or ask Mediplex team to provide you suitable supplement useful for your growth.

Some good sources of calcium are low fat milk, calcium fortified orange juice, kale, or cottage cheese.  The right supplement for daily calcium requirement is Growth Plex from Mediplex which provides not only essential nutrients but also stimulates growth hormone production. At home go to your fridge right now and pour a tall cold glass of milk and enjoy.


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