How To Grow Taller and increase Height


Every one wants good height.  Some wants to impress others and have great personality. Height is generally inherited from parents or blood relatives. Medically speaking hormones such as growth hormone (Somatrotropic hormone), released by the anterior pituitary gland (in the brain) is mainly responsible for heights gain. But it is also affected by number of factors  such as diet, stretching, happiness etc. However, short height can be increased by an individual, to some an extent. In this article, we will tell you how to increase your height and become taller.


Tips & Remedies for Increasing Height at home


A)       Stretching exercise: One of the popular way is to stretch your body. Some people hang from iron bars, some do pull ups.  It is usually a time consuming process but in number of cases it does not produce result. In case you are not getting results it is advisable to take professional help (

B)      Yoga: Yoga helps a lot for heights increase since it not only stimulate production of hormones but also does stretching in variety of ways. It stretches and strengthens number of joints, bones etc. Primarily asanas (postures in yoga) help you in increasing height belong to specific subgroup of asanas for example Tadasana. It involves standing straight and raising hands over your head. Subsequently, your arms touch your ears, join your hands in the air and balance your weight on your toes and stretch yourself up in the sky. Balance in this postures for 5-10 seconds and return back to the original position. Initially it is to be done 20 times daily and increase the frequency the time for this asana.  Suryanamaskar and paschimoattasana is one more such asana.

C)      Diet and Good Food: Providing sufficient nutrition such as proteins, calcium and vitamins helps in gaining height in faster manner. Include milk, curd, paneer, pulses, chicken and eggs (if non veg) in your diet.

D)      Outdoor Games: Indulge in physical activities such as cycling and swimming. Play outside fottball, tennis, badminton atleast 3-4 hours in a week. Don’t be home bound or studious or lazy person…move and do some thing.

E)      Body Building is strictly no and certain weight lofting exercises are to be avoided completely.

F)       Good sleep is essential for relaxation of body and mind. It also help gland produces sufficient Growth hormone for growth.

G)      Stress free living: Keep your self happy and with least amount of stress….Leave every thing to GOD and let HIM take care of you.

All THE BEST …..



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