High Protein Shake made at your Home for Height Increase

dinkum thick shake glass My Favorite High Calorie/Protein Cocktail

We get lot of emails from our readers asking me about the kind of foods they should eat to help them with height increase.

Basically, anything with lots of protein, and calcium along with fibers, vitamins and minerals is good enough. But due to the unavailability/availability of foods, meats, supplements, and the costs of procuring them, not all my readers can get adequate nutrition in their diet.

You can also try following which is delicious and nutritous shake

1/3rd of a gallon of milk
2-3 tea spoons of coffee
3 diced bananas
2-3 scoops of protein powder
add a little honey or sugar for taste (with the bananas you will only need a little bit)

All the ingredients will be blended with some ice cubes in a blender. Put some  almonds or cashews to top it off.

If you wish to make it more calorie dense please add a few scoops of ice cream – chocolate or vanilla flavors tend to work best.

Keep this in a pitcher and have one glass in the morning when you wake up, one glass around noon, one glass in the evening (or after you workout). Ideally, you should also have a glass before going to bed, but that depends on your own appetite.



















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