One of the major objective of Mediplex Height Increase Clinics is to spread awareness about the height increase in the society. The idea is to provide right and impartial information.

Whenever you are trying any programs on height on internet please check following things in order to prevent duping.

A) Who are the people behind the website or product ?

B) Are they technically and educationally qualified to launch these products ?

C) Are they doctors ?

D) Do they actually exist and see patients at their clinics ?

E) Does the clinic actually exist with patients ?

F) Have they conducted any clinical trials on patients for the safety of their product ? Have they published their data ? Can they provide contact details of their client in your city ?

G) What is their own height ? Have they used the system on themselves to check its validity ?


The reasons we are asking these questions is because most of the websites offering treatments are fake without any solid credentials. They have posted some pictures of somebody claiming height gain, people are selling yoko to massage your foot to increase your height, few people are selling protein supplement to increase the height, some with fancy names, some one is selling shoes with high heels to increase your height. Dont you think people can actually make out whether you are wearing high heels ?

Some one is promoting surgeries of limb lengthening: I want to ask if they cut open leg bone and then heal it for 3-4 months and afterwards you gain 2 inches of increased length of legs and what about rest of the body ? If you look at such person, you would see it is horrible to see such kind of person with tall leg and short trunk. And what about of side effects ?

Few people have started selling books and interned based printed Pdf file ....I have met few of these people. They were themselves are short ...How could they increase your height ?

Let me tell you very clearly most of  these hits which you get from google ...are fake and without any credential without taking names but if you do your research properly will be able to differentiate good from bad.....

It is always better to meet your service provider in person if possible. They should have physical location case you cannot make sure some of your friend in that city should meet them......

At mediplex clinics we appreciate if patients or some of their contact visit us,.....this build up confidence in them about the program.....

I know it is difficult but all the best for your search for good height increase program.......

Doctors at Mediplex

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