Does eating more help in growth?

Does supplements advertised such as horlicks, boost etc for children actually increase height or just a gimmick by industry on growth ?


The answer is these are just a gimmick…………….

The reasons are scientifically are provided by our research team: These supplements are targeted to give extra nutrition without understanding their long term outcome. One of the recent TV commercial claimed children taking boost or horlick or chaywanprash …claim to produce better results in short term …but what is the result in long term…did they achieve best of their growth potential … no answers…..


We want to quote one research study …… No large population-based study has addressed the question of how overnutrition is related to subsequent height gain in childhood, timing of puberty, and final height.


The present data by mediplex research group as well as another research group represent a large Swedish population-based longitudinal growth study. Height gain in childhood, timing of reaching peak height velocity and height gain during adolescence, and final height were regarded as the short-term, interim, and long-term outcomes of childhood nutritional status, i.e. body mass index (BMI) change between 2 and 8 y.

Midparental height was adjusted as the genetic influence on linear growth of the child. Childhood BMI gain was related to an increased height gain during the same period, i.e. an increase of 1 BMI unit was associated with an increase in height of 0.23 cm in boys and 0.29 cm in girls. A higher BMI gain in childhood was related to an earlier onset of puberty; the impact on the timing of puberty was 0.6 y in boys and 0.7 y in girls. Each increased unit of BMI gain in childhood also reduced the height gain in adolescence, 0.88 cm for boys and 0.51 cm for girls. No direct correlation was shown between childhood BMI gain and final height. We conclude that overnutrition between 2 and 8 y of age will not be beneficial from a final height point of view, as the temporary increase in height gain in childhood will be compensated by an earlier pubertal maturity and a subnormal height gain in adolescence.


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