Mediplex Clinic® is proud to introduce a revolutionary hepatitis treatment program that promise scientific, alternative and safe treatment for hepatitis B and other forms of hepatitis. It is based upon years of research conducted on several patients suffering from hepatitis B. (See our published research study.)



Our hepatitis treatment program is designed based upon scientific principles of increasing the internal immunity so that our system is able to reduce the viral loads and keeping patient health and free from complications such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. This system also correct metabolic defects, correct internal diseases and as well as give well balanced nutritious diet.


Our Program consist of 3 primary components:





A) Hepatitis Treatment Medicine:




We have discovered a new system for treatment of hepatitis B which has been tested and proven on several patients in a clinical research conducted by mediplex research group. Our expert doctors takes detailed medical history of patient considering liver test reports, serology markers(antigens and antibody levels) etc. Our system strengthen the immunity of the patient so as to reduce viral loads and prevent any injury to liver. This is completely safe and without any side effects. This can be used alone or in combination with other medicines (Allopathic etc) and it has not shown any interaction with other medicines. Further, our panel of skilled and expert doctors handles cases associated with alcohol induced hepatitis B, hormonal, immunosuppressants, nutritional problems etc. We have seen excellent results in these cases also.




B) Life Style Modification:




In this option we work on the root cause of low immunity such as eating habits, stress etc. A personal dietician devise a doable nutritious plan based upon your eating habits, tastes, body type and other preferences. 




C) Yoga and Physical Exercise:




Yoga is considered to be an ancient science for promotion of well being and healthy living. Our team of senior therapists has developed a powerful program on yoga asana and stretching to raise the immunity of the patient. This has been recorded on DVD with live instructor teaching you on video. It is the most comprehensive yoga system ever made by any organisation on hepatitis B.




Hepatitis B is considered to be a major health issue worldwide affecting over 350-400 million people with chronic infection (WHO fact sheet). There are no definite treatments known except some doctors treat patients with some options such as antiviral agents and interferon’s. Despite the treatments patients suffer from likely complications of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. The cost of treatment runs in thousands of dollars annually making it unaffordable to developing countries in Asia having maximum number of reported cases. The major objective is for clinicians as well as in our program is to prevent the development of progressive liver disease specifically cirrhosis and liver failure.

Though several medicines are reported to benefit patients suffering from hepatitis B in short term basis, but there is no conclusive evidence of utility of these medicines in long term basis.

National Institute of Health, USA (NIH) biomarker working group has defined clinical end point as “a characteristic or variable that reflects how a patient feels or functions, or how long a patient survives” and surrogate end points such as loss of HBsAg, HBV DNA level, HBeAg or antibody status, ALT level normalization, and improvement in liver histology have been advanced as surrogate end points. Several studies have shown that seroconversion and elevated HBV DNA level as a predictor of development of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Suppression of HBV DNA has been associated with improvement of ALT and improved histology.

Our treatment protocol achieve two objectives as seen in our clinical practice and research.Firstly, Viral DNA (HBV DNA) decreases with improvement in ALTs and other tests of Liver Function Tests (LFTs) (See Research Paper). Further clinical condition is improved in terms of appetite, general well being and energy levels.

The homeopathic medicine acts mainly on following objectives :-



1. Viral Clearence without killing liver cells




 a. Viral Clearence: Viral clearance is long considered through destruction of infected hepatocytes (liver cells) through CD8+ T lymphocytes but an alternative non cytopathic antiviral mechanisms were shown to exist in chimpanzee (See Research Paper). This mechanism was hypothesized to be efficient mechanism for survival of the host without destroying infected cells. Our system seems to activate this mechanism for viral clearence. This is evident by the fact that in one of our hepatitis B patient the HBV DNA increased to 20000 IU/ml with little or no concomitant increase of ALT or other markers suggesting no necrosis of liver cells during this rise of HBV DNA level. This was reduced to normal levels after some time. Our system ensure an early activation of human innate immune system (our internal immunity) consisting of CD56+ CD3– NK and CD56+ CD3+ NKT cells (Types of cells in our immune system). These two cell types were promptly activated before maximal HBV DNA elevation and HBV-specific T cell responses. Our system clear viruses and control infection without killing liver cells and also contribute to timely induction of adaptive responses(immune system). Moreover, augmentation of IFN-γ and IL-15 producing CD56+ NK cells is also an immunomodmodulatory effect of pegylated - IFN-α treatment during chronic HBV infection. .

2. Activate Immune System



Interferon. When a human cell is exposed to a new virus it usually produces a group of substances known as interferon's. It is believed that interferon's modulate (alter) the immune system, alter cell membranes to reduce infection of surrounding uninfected cells and also causes many other changes in the immune system. This naturally produced interferon assists the body in fighting Hepatitis B. Our system activates body' natural system for production of interferons. Antibodies to HBc (HBcAb, Anti-HBc). Our system activated body's healing mechanisms to produce antibodies against HBc. .


3. General Relief




Our homeopathic medicines also releives symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, lack of apetite and other complaints associated with hepatitis B.

Our research has proven that it is possible to reduce viral loads to undetectable levels, relieve sympatoms and prevent life threatening complications of hepatitis B such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Further, it is possible for the patient to live normal without external help

Drs at mediplex includes  famous senior homeopathic consultant specially for hepatitis treatment, with experience of over 12 years of medical practice.
  In addition there are no side effects and after effects of our treatment.
It does not contains hormones or steroids.

For your convenient Treatment can also be send by courier for far off  patients which includes DVD, medicines, supplements etc.







See Serial Videos of the patient …. he whose viral loads were decreased to undetectable level using mediplex system.

More videos of clients-:



"We are happy to see an alternative provided to people suffering from hepatitis B. I have been relieved from my complaints including the improvement in liver function tests. Thank you."
- Nitin, New Delhi India

" Sir you have given me the hope to live. Thank you so much."
- R. Thakur, Delhi India
"My gratitude to you. My little daughter was suffering from this problem, you have given us a inspiration that this disease can be treated without expensive antivirals!
Expert Advice

We advice patients to visit our clinics for consultation before initiating the treatment. We have developed through extensive research the a method to treat hepatitis B infection and also other forms of hepatitis B to prevent complications such as liver cancer and cirrohosis. In select cases (patients unavailability due to distance constraints and medical reasons) on discretion of our doctors, we can also start treatment of hepatitis B patients through video conferencing by taking detailed medical history of the patient. In such cases all the investigation reports duly certified by doctors must be sent to us




The cost of this system is $45 or Rs 2000 for first consultation. This is followed by 30 $ (Rs 1500) per month for medicines.


Your treatment system is shipped via 1st Class mail and will arrive within 5-7 days or in only 3-5 days through Priority Shipping.

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How does Hepatitis Treatment system work ?