MPX Fitness

Best choice for achieving healthy & fit body

We offer customised fitness solutions to loose weight, build chiseled body, obtain peace of mind using advanced gym, yoga & meditation programs, & fitness by dance under medical experts


Achieve your real potential !

Nature has gifted us healthy and fit body with beautiful mind. We help you achieve real fit figure and peaceful mind through our latest cardio & strength equipments, yoga & meditation, expert medical supervision, technologies and fitness by dance. We offer best in class trainers, personalised programs at reasonable price.

All Classes

  • Cardio Fitness
  • Fitness by Dance
  • Power Yoga and Meditation
  • Boxing
  • Aerobics
  • Kik Boxing
  • CrossFit

Membership Prices

35% Discount of for all members

Discount on services and
treatments at the GymBase for
all membership cards holders.

Our Trainers

  • Tarun and group
    Fitness by Dance

    Achieve Zumba Based fitness
    Other dance forms also available.

  • Dinesh and Group
    Kik Boxing

    Kick your worries away
    Special batches available us

  • Yoga and meditation
    Yoga and Meditation

    Special yoga classes
    Private classes from experts

  • Grow Tall Yoga
    Grow Tall Yoga by experts

    Expert Trainers
    Best Results: Get 1 inch in 2 months

  • Fat Loss Technologies
    Loose Inches

    Loose your inches
    1 inch tummy fat loss in 3 days.

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    26 November, 2014



    Expert Trainers Class

    26 November, 2014


    Power Yoga

    Expert Group Class

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