Careers at Mediplex

We work because we are passionate about healthcare and fitness, and we love to work with people, patients and clients. Join us, and you will know why.

Yoga Therapist/Instructor Needed.

We need qualified yoga instructors for our expanding network of wellness centers. We invite experienced as well as freshers to join our team ! Send your CVs to


Freshers or students looking for internships- you are welcome

Mediplex Clinic invites budding doctors, trainers, journalist, marketing executives to join as an intern and learn from experts. Work on live projects and get handsome stipend too ! Send your CVs to


Prema Lost 50 Kg

.I was suffering from severe joint pains (Osteoarthritis), hypertension and obesity problem. I had tried everything under the sun, tried all big names in treatment of obesity but nothing worked with my case. My husband heard about mediplex and we consulted doctors over there. To my surprise, I started loosing weight at the rate of 3-4 Kg per month.

QS Lost over 27 Kg

1 year ago I was fat, out of shape, and had no self-esteem. I walked into Mediplex Weight Loss Clinic and my life completely turned around. With "Doctors and the staffs' path breaking package, nutritional guidance and total motivation I finally did it!

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